People matter first and foremost at GYD; people whom we treat and people who work with us. That is why, you will realize that here everything revolves around a simple principle - ‘human happiness’ – be it the rules and regulations that guide our employees or the policies that direct them. Besides this, we also believe that to successfully operate as a world class organization and to cope with an increasingly diverse customer base, a diverse talent pool of the best-qualified candidates is critical. At the same time, we consider this diversity to include, and not be limited to race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation and nationality.

Commitment to equality of opportunity, fairness, work & lifestyle, mutual respect and dignity at work for all employees are mandatory ; we believe in reinforcing behavioral standards that foster a collaborative work environment bringing out the best in each of us.

A performance-based compensation policy designed to:

  • Motivate talent and performance-driven employees
  • Incentivise associates to create sustainable value.
  • Support a diverse and performance-oriented culture that allows for freedom of thought.
  • Be competitive with industry peers

At GYD, each of us is an integral part of the team and plays an important role towards fulfilling our mission to improve patient care. As individuals we have both the responsibility and freedom to ease, initiate and even, innovate processes that facilitate better healthcare decisions. Therefore, when we look for someone to fill in a vacancy, we look for someone more generous than his or her credentials.

We appreciate the values and qualities that every individual will bring on board, apart from his/her proven expertise. This is reflected in our remuneration packages, incentives and employee benefits.

So, if you'd like to join us, we'd love to hear from you. Mail your resume

Post MD: 2 years. Required on full time or part time basis for Ultrasound and X-Ray reporting. (Digital X-Ray facility will enable reporting off site)

Post MD/Post DNB with at least 3 years experience. Required on part time basis. (flexible timings) to manage Outpatient(OP), Tele-Medicine consultation , particularly sub-specialties of Infectious diseases, chronic lifestyle disorders.

The center will also provide adequate opportunity for conducting research and publication.

So, if you'd like to join us, we'd love to hear from you. Mail your resume to

Hospital acquired infections are being increasingly recognized as a major cause for morbidity and mortality among in-patients worldwide. Health care administrators and physicians are increasingly concerned about it, but there are hardly any adequately trained infection control professionals available in India. As many hospitals are aspiring for National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare providers [NABH], Infection Control personnel are very likely to be of high value for any large, reputed health care set-up, especially corporate hospitals.

GYD Clinics & Diagnostics offers an excellent opportunity for pursuing a career in Infection Control. GYD is already providing Infection Control Services in several multispecialty hospitals in Hyderabad. This will enable the nurse-in-training to be exposed to a wide range of ‘infection control’ activities such as Hospital epidemiology, Surveillance, hospitals acquired infections, antibiotic policy, outbreak investigations, Cleaning, disinfection & Sterilization and much more!

Selected nurses will be posted as Infection Control Nurse in the designated hospital. The nurse will conduct hospital rounds to ensure implementation of Infection Control Program which include data collection, audits, trainings, generation of reports, guidance to other hospital staff on matters of infection control etc., under direct supervision by trained personnel.

The nurse-in-training will also be given opportunity to present papers in reputed conferences. The above training activity does not involve any night duty. The total duration of training will be approximately 500 hours (3 months). Thereafter, the nurse will be offered full time employment in GYD Clinics & Diagnostics as Infection Control Practitioner. GYD Clinics & Diagnostics strictly discourages any recommendations for selection of the candidate. Selection will be done strictly on merit through viva and written exam.